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Dated 2/19/2001

Local regulator repair:

Dated: 5/20/98

Julius Pignataro
Ocean Images
Carlsbad, CA

Notes: Former Sea & Sea repair tech, when out on his own, is supposed to be excellent with strobes and ????

Dated: 5/20/98

Southern Nikonos - Bob Warkentin
713-462-5449 fax
9549 Kempwood @ Campbell Rd.
Houston 77080
Hours: 10-6 M-F

Dated: 5/20/98

Citizen HyperAqualand Tech Support 1-800-321-1023 (310-215-9660)

Citizen Service Dept.
Citizen of America (COA)
8506 Osage Ave.
L.A. CA 90045

No phone call necessary. Watch will be examined before charges are quoted. Just mail the watch with a cover letter. Follow-up by phone IF necessary. Cost for battery replacement and test was about $32... Here is a photo of the letter they sent me to get payment.


For 3rd party replacement, try: