Miscellaneous Resources

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Talk to Chuck Noe about various miscellaneous items

Info on the Aladin Pro computer (the classic version): http://www.uwatec.com/english/SPEC-FR.htm

Replace the Aladin Pro battery with the TADIRAN TL2100T available from http://www.mouser.com for $6.65 usd. Their catalog number is 667-TL2100T.

The Nitek 3 battery can be replaced with the CR123A; the mouser part number is: 573-CR123A, @ $3.50 each.

Inner tubes for protecting wings: Radial Tube, M/MR14/15

DIN Plugs: http://www.cavediver.com/gulftex/gtprod.htm

O-Rings: http://www.americanseal.com/

O2 Analysers / He Analysers

Jack Vilas & Assoc Incorporated
701 Federal Ave
Morgan City, LA 70380-3544
Phone: 504-384-8012

RC Dive Technology
http://world.std.com/~rcdtech/ $179.99

Jet Fin Spring Straps

Rumor has it that spring straps for Jet Fins can be had by
contacting the fellow at this email address: MIXDIVER@infoave.net

Also try here.

Aluminum tank paint stripper:

"The other day, Steve Dittner suggested I buy a product made by
Mar-Hyde Corporation (I'm sure Dupont has something similar) called
TAL-STRIP II Aircraft Coating Remover. I bought it at Discount Auto Parts,
and it comes in a spray can like spray paint. Let me tell you that this
stuff is the best stripper for paint on aluminum that I have found. I
simply sprayed a hefty coat on the tank, then after about 15 minutes of
"boiling", I took some plastic steel wool, and brushed the old paint right
off. The neck of the tank was harder to do for some reason. I had to spray
it on twice to get the neck paint off. But, the overall process was far
less messy and stressful than using Bix"

Nylon braided twine

Memphis Net & Twine Co, Inc
2481 Matthews Ave.
P.O. Box 80331
Memphis, Tennessee 38108

Tel. (901)458-2656
FAX (901)458-1601
Toll free 1-800-238-6380

e-mail memnet@netten.net

I believe the line you are looking for is their stock No. TWB which
comes in various sizes from 9 to 72. Those are line sizes not mm.

Here is the diameter equivalent in inches.

Size 9 = .042"
size 12= .046"
size 15= .051"
size 18= .058"
size 21= .065"
size 24= .073"
size 30= .078"
size 36= .085"
size 48= .103"
size 60= .116"
size 72= .125" ( 1/8")