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Battery information

Fundamental charging instructions

Battery FAQ #1

Battery FAQ #2 (some info is repeated)

Battery Types

Click here to view graph of a charging cannister light battery, volts-over-time. (8/2000)

Click here to view graph of Extreme Exposure HID light discharge, volts-over-time. (8/2000)

12V/50W light bulbs (code BRL, base G6.35) can be gotten from, about $6/ea
the 35W bulbs are about $2/ea, and the 100W bulbs are about $12/ea.

Dated: 5/20/98 -- updated 6/24/2001

Richardson Electronics 600 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007-1323
Phone: (713)868-3773

[Prices are approximate and subject to change.]
[Product data sheets are linked to the red links.]

Warnings: They (Richardson) typically only deal with businesses, so if you approach them, do so with caution, and with a business "front"

Dated: 4/20/98

Burn testing kit parts are available from Milwaukee Resistor Corp. (MRC)

1-414-362-8900 ask for John

2 each of # 061813603.000E
1 each of #301813602STD

SEE PICTURE BELOW FOR HOW IT'S SET UP! MRC is NOT selling you a kit, only the parts for the kit... you have to assemble the kit yourself.

Notes: MRC has a minimum order of $60. The kit you are buying costs $38.44 w/shipping & COD ... this means you'll need to buy enough parts for two kits.

(300 watt, 3 ohm)

How often should one burn test?
How often is your ass depending on that scooter? The batteries cost $60 each, so if you life is worth more than than, test them all of the time and you will only get 100 dives before you throw them away. If they ever get hot (>110-degrees F) throw them away. If they get hot during charge or discharge, throw them away. (Source: J. Armentrout)

When burn testing, how often should one take data points?
Look a the discharge curve, and check it when it should be slipping, mostly to see if the batteries are in phase. you are burning at 70(16/33)C, so look a the curve. The time they burn will probably vary from the burn time you get in the water, but you're really looking for a base-line discharge curve. Read more here.

Warnings: When I called them (MRC), they didn't sound like they wanted to do business with me, and had some fairly stringent requirements, so they seems set up to only deal with legitimate businesses. You'll have better luck with John than anyone else.

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On 9/10/98, Daniel Lloyd and I assembled our battery test kits. Click here to see images of the results.

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